About us.

Here's our long story, short. 

In 2004 our mom, Claudia, fled her native Venezuela with a dream and a vision to give us a better future. So she started a company called Jewelry To Go, selling fashion accessories door to door (literally) to friends, family, and neighbors in Miami, Florida. Due to her wide selection and smart styling tips, it doesn't take her long to become the go-to person for the fashionably inclined.

In 2016, we joined the company and morphed it into JTG. We also launched an e-store, making our mom's incredible collection and invaluable tips available to women worldwide. Together, the three of us were able to add an affordable fine jewelry collection and rotate our inventory weekly to ensure that there's always something fresh to discover.  

It's hard to see e-commerce sites as small businesses, but this is truly a project of love owned and operated by us. 

Thank you so much for reading our journey and trusting us to help you find the perfect touches that take your wardrobe from good to great. 


Claudia, Sarah, and Daniela